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Travel Insurance

While travelling, one of the key factors is to keep yourself and your belongings safe. This is why you need a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Pricetol makes the decision of choosing the right insurance policy. It is easier and more accurate by letting you compare different travel insurance policies from different companies. You will all at this website without having to visit all insurance sites particularly. Not just compare, it also provide you to make a more accurate decision by providing detailed information about all the policies offered by companies.

What do you mean by Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance covers the risk which a traveler faces during travel. It may be baggage loss or hospitalization during travel; it is all covered if you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Just like any other policy, this insurance policy comes in various types and forms. A comprehensive travel insurance policy is the key to all protections that travellers seek when they are abroad. All the risks, probabilities that trigger stress and anxiety during travelling can be reduced if travellers choose to avail travellers insurance policy online. Of late, the number of Indian travellers travelling to foreign countries has increased significantly thanks to liberalized economy that led to higher disposable income among Indians. The growing popularity for trips to overseas countries has also contributed to the demand of travel insurance policy online in India at present. Travel such as medical emergencies in the form of ailments and accidents, loss of passports and insurance premium depends on an array of factors that include number of days, the destination country, age of the travellers and the likes. At pricetol, you can make comparison of best travel covers at ease and locate the cheap yet good travel insurance policy online in no time.

Types of Travel Insurance

Domestic Travel Insurance Plan:

Domestic travel insurance plans are crafted for those travellers who are travelling within India. This travellers insurance provide coverage against unexpected events like death or disability due to accident, missed departure, trip delay, loss of tickets and the likes.

International Travel Insurance Plan :

The international travel insurance online policy offers cover against a wide range of eventualities. Coverage for repatriation expenses, medical evacuation to India, loss of personal items and passport are some of the safeguards offered by a good overseas travel insurance policy.

Single Trip Plans:

All the regular coverage on offer at travel insurance online policies like medical and non-medical emergencies are available with a good single trip insurance plan in India.

Multi-Trip Plans;-

Business people in India who make frequent visits to overseas countries opt for this type of overseas travel insurance plans. The benefit of availing a good multi-trip travel insurance plan is travellers don't have to buy travel insurance online each time they fly and it is also lot cheaper than the costs of many single-trip insurance policies.

Corporate Plans -

Corporate or group travel insurance in India is meant for a group of employees of a particular organization and it is also known as group travel insurance cover. Depending on the terms and conditions, group travel insurance plans can cover both domestic and overseas trips.

Travel Insurance Plans for Students ;-

This travel insurance plan offers coverage to those students that are travelling abroad for higher studies. A comprehensive student travel insurance plan in India covers students' expenses due to medical treatment, loss of student visa, passport. The beauty of a student travel insurance cover is it involves nominal paperwork.

Travel Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens -

Senior citizen travel insurance plans are aimed to meet the needs of elderly travellers in India during their trips to overseas countries. People in the age group 61-70 are eligible for this travel cover. Senior citizen travel insurance plans provide coverage against dental treatments and it also facilitates elderly people with the facility of cashless hospitalization.

Floater Policies for Families ;-

A family travel Insurance in India cover keep an entire family financially protected from various exigencies that may occur during the trip. Good family travel insurance policies provide coverage against emergency cashless hospitalization, loss of passport and baggage and many other unexpected expenses while travelling.

How Travel Insurance covered:

Best overseas travel insurance policies cover travellers different types of emergencies. Here is a list of inclusions in an international travel insurance plan.
  • Coverage of International Travel Insurance;- Emergency medical costs including dental treatments during the overseas trip
  • Checked-in baggage loss or delay
  • Loss of important documents of travellers including passport
  • Personal accident that cause death or total disability while travelling
  • Legal liability to third party accidental injury or property damage
  • Urgent requirement of cash as a result of theft or robbery while travelling overseas
  • Coverage available in the event of hijack during the overseas trip
  • Coverage for overseas trip delay, curtailment or cancellation
  • Maternity/newborn expenses (conditions applicable)

Key Features of Travel Insurance:-

A good international travel insurance plan comes with the following salient features. Travellers get coverage in case their personal baggage and important documents pertaining to travelling such as passport gets lost during the trip. Travellers trip delay incurs additional costs and international travel insurance plans cover such expenses. International travel insurance policies offer accommodation costs in case the overseas trip is cancelled or shortened. Travellers liability towards third party death, disability and property damage are under the best bet for travellers is compare travel insurance online in terms of coverage and the premium and picks the best international travel insurance plan.. Costs related to repatriation and evacuation in case of an emergency are covered in a good international travel insurance plan

Eligibility Criteria


The risk of falling sick is higher with older travellers, travel insurance premium is usually higher for them. Senior citizen travel insurance plans are specifically designed for elderly people and the travel insurance premium for this type of online travel insurance in India is quite reasonable

Other Policies:

The coverage of the chosen policy also determines the travel insurance premium. If travellers opt for a Single trip travel insurance online they would have to pay less compared to the multi-trip travel insurance premium.

Medical Condition;-

Providers of online travel insurance in India impose higher travel insurance premium for trip to some specific overseas countries like United States or Australia chiefly because the costs of medical treatment is very high in these countries. The best bet for travellers is compare travel insurance online in terms of coverage and the premium and picks the best international travel insurance plan for their overseas trip.

How can Pricetol Help you:-

Comparing online health insurance quotes to buy the best health insurance online has become the norm in India. Pricetol along with WWW.GIBL.IN helps travellers compare travel insurance online at ease. The facility of comparison of an array of travelers insurance plans on a single platform helps travellers find the best travel insurance online and reap the benefits. To compare travel insurance online travellers just have to put some basic details regarding the trips overseas and takes care of the rest. The following are the benefits of resorting to Pricetol to buy travel insurance online policies in India that are both cheap and good.

Do I need any Medical Check Up for availing Travel Insurance Policy?

Nope, it does not require you to go through a medical checkup unless you are above 80 years or older. However, some insurance companies might require you to go through a medical checkup before availing Travel Insurance.

Is it Possible to extend the time of Travel Insurance policy if travels date is extended?

Yes, most insurance companies allow you to extend the insurance policy if your duration of stay gets extended. However, you would preferably need to apply for renewal about a week before your existing policy is getting expired. Lastly, I can say that some companies may not have the terms to extend the policy dates.

What are the factors affecting the Travel Insurance Premium?

Factors affecting the travel insurance premium include:

  • Age of the Insured
  • Duration of Stay
  • Type of Policy
  • Aspects Covered
  • Destination of Travel
  • And more

What is the process of Claims and Required Documentation?

Unless it is hospitalization in the other country, most policies start the process of claim only on the return of the insured. However, you are made-up to inform the insurance company for initiating the process. Once this is done, you are necessary to submit some documents to get the claim. These could vary from policy to policy but could usually include;

  • Claim Form
  • Policy Copy
  • Proof of loss (Could vary depending on the type of Loss and type of claim you are filing)

Can I cancel my Travel Insurance Policy when needed?

This could depend on the type and company you choose to take the policy. While some companies do charge a penalty, but many donít. It is mentioned on their terms and condition.

For how long is a Travel Insurance Policy Valid?

Validity depends on the duration of your stay and policy in use. However, a travel policy is only valid if you travel for at least two days regular. However, it is important to remind that most companies charge a premium on a minimum of 7 days of travel. The maximum duration for which travel insurance is valid is frequently 180 days which can be renewed for another 180 days on prior suggestion unless it is a multi-trip plan. However, you should always check the duration with the insurance company before buying the policy, it is important.