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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance you can stay safe and healthy protect yourself. This is one of the most affordable and limited form of life & health insurance policy that is mostly availed by people who are travelling frequently by road, water or air ways. At the time of journey or working, any policyholder meets with an accident that results in loss of your life, disability etc. then the policyholder will be given a confirmed provide a repayment. So GIBL is the great online personal accident insurance policy. Personal accident insurance covers injuries or death that has been caused due to an accident.. You can compare online on GIBL for personal accident insurance and can buy the one that can provide you and your family best and comprehensive accidental coverage in lowest premium rates.

Different types of Personal Accident Insurance:-

Personal Accident Insurance different types of policies .these are various policies will needs and requirements and you can choose These various policies will cater to different needs and requirements; hence, you can choose properly.

Individual Accident Insurance

The individual accident insurance policy covered the international, or unintentional tragedies happen with an individual. This policy cover to the lifelong disability.

Group Accident Insurance

This policy covered to the whole group. Group accident insurance preferred by employers so as to provide protection to their employees. This policy gives discount on premium by the size of your group. This plan covers significant losses, such as demise, disability, or impairment.

Types of Personal Accident Insurance

  • You can search through different types of Personal Accident Insurance. These various policies will cater to different needs and requirements; hence, you can choose accordingly.
  • Individual Accident Insurance - This policy is created to cover the intentional, or unintentional tragedies happened with an individual. The impairments, demise, short-term wounds, and lifelong disability are covered in this policy.
  • Group Accident Insurance - This type of policy covers a whole group. This policy is usually preferred by employers so as to provide protection to their employees. You can also avail the discounts on premium by the size of your group. This plan covers significant losses, such as demise, disability, or impairment


One has to pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly premium that remains the same till the entire policy coverage period. A cash benefit can be availed as reimbursement or direct cash benefit when the policy holder has got a major accidental injury. Compensation is provided if the insured person dies due to accident. The coverage is generally valid even when you are out of the country. No medical check-ups are required prior availing the personal accident insurance policy. It is important to pay the premium in time so that you can enjoy the benefits of this policy. You can also add your family members under this policy.

What is covered in Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

  • Accidental temporary disability- It means the policy holder has got severe injuries which have made him/her temporarily disable. In this case, s/he is entitled to get a lump sum compensation for the number of days where s/he is not able to work.
  • Accidental permanent disability- It means the policy holder has lost one or more limbs due to an accident or one or more parts of his/her body has been dismembered. The insured person is liable to get a certain amount or reimbursement of treatment cost.
  • Accidental death- On the event of death due to accident, the policy holder's family gets accidental death compensation.
  • Medical reimbursement for health complications that has risen from the accident- Many personal accident policies also provide reimbursement for medical complications that has been raised due to an accident, like treatment of mental trauma, and so on.

How to File Personal Accident Insurance Claim?

You can follow some step:-

  • Notify the Insurer about the Accident first of all you meet with in an accident that you should do is notify the insurer-provider. And You would have to pass on the policy number and the reference number so that the insurer can register a claim
  • Notify the Insurer about the Hospitalisation. It will help at the time of claiming process. you have been hospitalised, you must call the insurer and pass on the details behind the accident Also, you would have to keep the documents organised, such as diagnosis, treatment, and bills
  • Fill the Claim Form: The representative insurer company will go to the hospital or the given address for the verification and the document collection purpose. You would also have to fill up the given Form. Submits Police Report: Any accident has happen because of the traffic or infrastructure collapse, than local police station filed at the FIR. This is one necessary document at a time of criminal case of the traffic accident.

How can pricetol help you?

Pricetol is the ultimate destination that allows you to compare the different accident Insurance policies offered by leading insurance companies. pricetol helps with every single policy. Lastly we can say that through pricetol you get a free selection process and help you to make a decision for the particular Insurance Policy.

What is the difference between Health Insurance and Personal Accident Policy?

The health insurance policy provides the coverage against the everyday expenditure occurred because of the hospitalization for certain health issues. On the other hand, the personal accident policy provides the coverage against the damages and injuries occurred to an individual or group because of the accident.

What are the factor influencing Accident Insurance Premium?

Some of the important factors such as risk exposure, employment category, and the probability of the accidental injury can influence Accident Insurance Premium.

What are the levels of risk according to the occupation?

Following are the risk levels according to the occupation:

Type 1 = Low Risk Level

  • Administrators and Managers
  • Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, Teachers
  • Accountants
  • Office Workers

Type 2 = Medium Risk

  • Manual Laborers
  • Veterinary Doctors
  • Machine Operators
  • Builders and Contractors
  • Mechanics
  • Cash Carrying Employees
  • Drivers

Type 3 = High Risk

  • Mine Workers
  • Mountaineers
  • Engineers working with high tension power supply
  • Circus Performers
  • Jockeys
  • Hunters

Is there any Benefit on Tax under Personal Accident Policy?

No, Personal Accident Policy does not support any tax benefits. So, no tax relief from this type Insurance.

What is the Eligibility for Taking Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

Eligibility criteria considers only the age of individual. So, a person who is of the age of 5 years to 65 years can easily possess the Personal Accident Policy.